About Amit Malewar

Amit Malewar is a tech journalist at snaxzer.com and blogger hailing from India. He is passionate about new, emerging tech in the world. He enjoys learning new stuff and is a great source of inspiration to the readers. When Amit is not busy writing about awesome new technology, he usually spends time fiddling with his camera and learning a thing or two about photography.

He started SNAXZER as a passion as he believes knowledge grows when shared. You can reach Amit on Facebook | Twitter | Google+


SNAXZER started in 2010. The purpose of the site is to help you take the greatest advantage of the web by providing a pool of knowledge where, We write latest technologies, science, inventions, inspiration, and health stuff. It’s all about sharing the knowledge.

SNAXZER is a site for all technology lovers where they get to witness latest technologies and their application in various fields. If you really love tech as much as you love sleep you are going to enjoy learning!

SNAXZER not only provides a platform for technology but it also focuses on health and updates your conscience over sensitive issues. SNAXZER serves as a mentor for all the researchers, developers and others in the process of inventing something new to seek inspiration, by lighting up a spark and encouraging them to work in the direction of inventing something no one would have ever thought about. Efforts never go wasted my friend.

SNAXZER aims to keep everyone updated with the latest technologies and spread awareness in you.

We have provided detailed FAQs to help you with any question that might come up while using the SNAXZER. Nine out of ten times your question has already been answered in the FAQs.

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