8 Things Everyone Should Know About Millennials

Today, this post will be telling you about some of the very important characteristics the millennials have.

8 Things Everyone Should Know About Millennials

Millennials and their activities are two things which seem like the hottest topics around these days. Millennials or the ‘Generation Y’ is the internet generation, your whole digital age is mainly formed by the help of this late 80’s and 90’s generation.

This is the generation which has built some great stuff today and is also predicted to introduce amazing innovations in the upcoming years.

Knowing about their qualities would improve the quality of work today because most of the companies have these millennials working in there.  To save the future brands, reading up some details about this would help the employers to know who they are opting for.

The millennials are not only the entrepreneurs or the employees but they make up a major chunk of buyers or users today. Studies reveal that millennials are more likely to be Early Adopters, 2.5 times more than any other generation.

In short, there is no chance that we can miss learning and be knowing more about this generation. In fact, we need to read more about them so the industries today can deal perfectly with these people.

Today, this post will be telling you about some of the very important characteristics the millennials have.

Here are the 8 Things Everyone Should Know About Millennials: 

1. They are Tech Savvy:

Millennials take the most interest in technology today. It is widely seen that this generation is really open to innovations and changes. They instantly adopt every kind of technology.

In fact, they are the ones who have started innovating. These people are the reasons we are coming across such brilliant changes in the digital world.

44% of the millennials think that technology would take over their positions in about 2 years. This shows how technology is overshadowing the human workforce day be the day. Now, this can be a threat to the humans also.

Hence, it is a must to innovate but to put a limit also, in order to avoid intense unemployment that can be clearly predicted. 

2. They are Compassionate:

Along with being tech-savvy, this generation also thinks on other lines. Things like social welfare and empowerment. These 90;s kids want to help people out there.

Yes, it has been seen that millennials are very compassionate. They want to solve the society’s problems. And that is the reason you see so many social entrepreneurs rising up. People are talking about human rights more than ever now. Topics which haven’t been discussed before are being highlighted today.

3. They are Connected:

Millennials belong to a generation which is very well connected. They are the ones who saw mobiles coming in and then later the transformation to things like smartphones and wi-fi.

This generation is the most connected through phones, messaging apps, social media platforms, and emails. And they are very well aware of all the technologies to be connected well.

But in this process, they have also become less connected to the people sitting right next to them.

4. They are Liberals:

Millennials have different ideas towards many things. Their thought process clashes with the generations X’s thoughts.

These people are observed to be far more liberal than the previous generations. They are okay with things that seemed weird before them. The ideology has evolved with time and that is what their employers need to understand.

5. They are Multi-taskers:

Millennials love working on various things at a single time. They just want to get done with multiple tasks all at once. And they are capable of doing this which is just great.

Though, this also becomes their weakness at times, because then they are not able to perform any task in the best manner, because of the divided attention. This quality also affects the quality of work in a bad way. It has been observed that constant multitasking is damaging the Millennial brains.

A damage that multitasking usually does to a person is the lack of focus. The person cannot concentrate on one thing and divides his attention. This sometimes also makes him uninterested in his current task.

Studies have also revealed that 21%of the millennials claim that they switch their jobs in the very first year. Hence making them become confused and eventually job hoppers.

6. They are Impatient:

As these millennials are exposed to too many chances, opportunities, and happenings around them; they are always in search of something better and bigger, something impactful and something unique maybe.

This never-ending search makes this generation extremely impatient and insincere to things at times. They cannot wait for longer, they just want things to happen within a blink of an eye. The multi-tasking attitude and their quality of being tech-savvy make them more impatient because they are in a habit of performing things in a quicker way.

7. They are Conscious:

These people are also far more conscious than the previous generations because they want perfect timing. There are so many innovations and inventions happening around them that they become extremely conscious of what they are doing.

Moreover, with the rising technology, the world has become smaller. Now everyone is aware of what people are doing around him. They are simple no words like distance or absence nowadays.

Your actions and your current happenings are known by everyone in the industry. So these young entrepreneurs or the working men want to make sure that they are in the good books of everyone.

8. They are Nomadic:

Yes, I mean the literal word ‘nomadic’ here. Millennials act like nomadic as I mentioned above. These people switch workplace, change their business ideas, seem confused over what they are doing and do not get satisfied that easily.

These factors make them behave like nomadic, always hopping from one place to another in search of something better.

Simply stated,

So, you must have noticed that there was a mix of qualities. Some are extremely positive and some are pretty alarming also. Yes, this is what this Generation Y is all about.

They are tech-savvy, connected, liberal, compassionate, multi-taskers, impatient, nomadic, conscious.

You have to be pretty sure before hiring them or before investing in their business ideas. You will definitely have to bear all of the characteristics you have read above.

But… I am sure they bring in some of the most amazing stuff. Their minds work in brilliant ways so it will be really fun.

I would also love to hear something more about these millennials, feel free to share more of the characteristics of this generation in the comments below.

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